Tow Truck Business: How To Improve Safety & Save on Insurance

Tow Truck Business: How To Improve Safety & Save on Insurance

Towing a vehicle might only just seem easy. In reality, there is a lot of risk involved when you’re transporting someone else’s vehicle. For towing companies, safety of their equipment, client’s vehicles and general public becomes paramount. From accidents to tickets and other losses, it is important for towing companies to maintain high safety standards and do everything right.

Also, keep in mind that you can save a lot on insurance if you create an environment of safety within your company. Having said that, here are a few ways you can boost safety at your towing business.

  1. Safety Training & Meetings

Time spent on safety trainings and meetings is time well spent. Through meetings you can go over your safety policies and set clear expectations for drivers. Remind them of their responsibilities and good driving habits. A small 10 minute daily huddle before the work and a detailed weekly meeting on Mondays can really go a long way in terms of promoting safety.

These meetings and huddles provide an excellent opportunity for drivers to open up about the issues they face on road. The management on the other hand can keep notes and arrange relevant trainings based on the feedback received from the drivers.

  1. Written Safety Policies

It is important to have a well-structured, written safety policy for your tow truck business. Every employee of the company including the drivers should have a copy, which much be signed by them to ensure that they have received it. This ensures that everyone at the company is aware of what is expected of them.

  1. Never Let Go Distracted Driving

When making your safety policy, make sure that you include a point about distracted driving. Texts and phone calls while driving a truck can be seriously dangerous – not only to the driver and equipment but to general public as well. Lay a strict guideline that it is not acceptable to drive distracted and don’t hesitate to terminate drivers found guilty of it.

  1. The Hiring Process

It all boils down to hiring the right individual for the job. When hiring, make sure that you select candidates dedicated to safety. Background checks, drug and alcohol tests, motor vehicle records, etc are things that you should never overlook while hiring. The drivers are you company’s representatives, so ideally they should be trustworthy, decent and visually appealing.

  1. Consider GPS

While on the road, it becomes hard to track your drivers speed and behavior. A clean driver’s record doesn’t necessarily mean that he is driving well too. Installing GPS in your trucks can help you keep an eye on the drivers speed, location, etc. Drivers usually tend to follow the rules and drive more safely when they know that they are being watched.


Being safe on the road also helps a great deal in saving on your insurance expenses. All the points discussed above results in fewer tickets, accidents and whatnot, which in turn enables you to save on insurance. The list above is not an exhaustive one, we’re sure you have something to add, so don’t hesitate to comment below.

Until Next Time…Drive Safe!