Top Reasons Why You Should Never Tow With Your Own Vehicle

Top Reasons Why You Should Never Tow With Your Own Vehicle

Many people are of the opinion that if they have attached a tow ball hitch to their cars, they can tow everything. In reality, it is not the case. Towing with your vehicle without any proper knowledge can be dangerous to you, people around you and to the vehicles as well. Other than that, there is a lot to keep in mind as you tow a vehicle and people not used to it can end up in a disaster with a blink of an eye. 

In this article we will talk about things why you should never try towing vehicles with your own car. 

1. Tow Vehicle Rating

Tow vehicle rating is the amount of weight a vehicle can bear, or in other words tow. This is different for different cars. The vehicle rating could be found in the owners manual but do we really check that? Most of us don’t, which means most of us are unaware of the exact amount our cars can pull. Towing an overweight vehicle may result in blown out tires, engine problems, heated transmission, and hosts of other serious issues.

2. Tongue Weight

The exact weight borne by the tow ball of the towing vehicle is known as tongue weight. This weight is really important. Exceeding the tongue weight limit could make the steering hard and difficult to turn. Is tongue weight is kept to a very minimum, your vehicle could sway and lose its control. Tongue weight is an important measurement and shouldn’t be ignored at any cost. W suggest leaving the towing to the professionals unless you have a fair and accurate idea of such important measurements. 

3. Towbar Confusion

Other than a tow ball, you also need a towbar to pull a vehicle. Towbar has its own rating. The rating decides which towbar a specific vehicle may use. Although most cars use a similar rating towbar but some modern and very old models require a unique towbar. The bottom line here is it is better to be safe than sorry. 

4. Local Regulations

Most states have strict set of rules when it comes to towing a vehicle. You might be aware of some of them but things like additional rear and side view mirrors, the use of safety chains, taillights, etc are mostly hidden from people. 

Apart from that, under most regulations you are required to maintain a certain speed when towing a vehicle. Failing to abide by any one of the rules mentioned above can result in heavy fines. 

5. Separate Braking

Towing vehicles usually have added momentum. The normal braking system often becomes less effective due to this momentum. This is the reason why some authorities require an additional braking system to prevent accidents. 

Do you have these additional brakes in your car? We bet you don’t (unless you own a towing company). So, leave the stunts to stuntmen. 


It’s simple – if you put safety first, you should never try towing a vehicle with your own car. Get professional assistance and wait patiently until they arrive.