Need A Towing Service Portland? Here’s Some Tips

Towing Service Portland Or
Need A Towing Service Portland? Here’s Some Tips

In our 50+ years of towing Portland, it’s safe to say the folks at 24-7 Towing have  “been around the block”.  We’ve come to the rescue of thousands of stranded drivers within the Portland metro area and we take pride in being the bar-none best towing services provider in the entire state of Oregon.  We are driven by the need to help our customers at times when they mostly need us.

As a customer in need, choosing a professional, experienced towing service is crucial in ensuring that you only get the best, high quality towing services.  Not many people understand this as very few drivers bother to contact towing services providers unless they are in an emergency. Fortunately, we at The 24-7 Towing Team is here to help.

Today let’s talk about what you need to know when calling for that next tow…

So what makes a great towing service?

Listed below the main customer-based metrics that 24-7 abides by is our daily operations.  They also make a great checklist for researching an adequate towing company.  Use this list as a baseline when choosing a service provider.

Operational hours

As discussed above, not many people know beforehand that they will be needing towing services. As such, look for a company that operates on a 24/7 basis. This way, the company can come to your rescue even at the event of an emergency.

Check on their service operational areas

Different tow companies operate within different areas. As such, it is always advisable to call beforehand in order to have an idea of areas which the company covers or does not cover. Choose the one that goes the farthest.

Compensation for damages

Regardless of the towing vehicle used, never overlook the damages that your vehicle may suffer after it has been towed. Pick a towing company that fully compensates and covers for any damage that your vehicle may suffer while still in their care. Do not settle for a company that does not offer compensation.

Condition of the vehicles used for towing

Many people seeking towing services do not take time to inspect the conditions of the vehicles which the company uses for towing services. To avoid contacting a tow company that will cause more harm to your vehicle than it already has, try to drop in on their area of business and have a thorough inspection of their vehicles’ conditions. As such, when a time comes when you need to contact them, you will rest assured that your vehicle will be in safe hands.


When you place a call seeking for towing services, the company that you have contacted should be in a position to give you a definite time response on when you should be expecting them. What this means is that regardless of the situation your vehicle is in, a timeline should be given to you by the tow company.

A reliable company is the one that responds quickly and one that gives reasonable, shorter timelines.

Varied Towing Services

A good towing company will offer a healthy list of option to it’s customers.  While most roadside customers require a flatbed tow, it’s good to know that options are available.

Flatbed Towing

This feature provides a reliable and safe option of towing your vehicle. We are fully equipped with tools and equipment needed to negotiate safely the lifting of your vehicle then appropriately and safely strapping it before taking it to the garage for further inspections. We provide both long and short distance flatbed towing services for every kind of vehicle, be it a utility truck, a mini truck, SUVs, sports cars among others. Our towing vehicles come with a four-wheel tie down system for this function.

Wheel Lift Towing

This service is mostly suitable to vehicles that do not weigh over 10,000 lbs. It is a very cheaper method of ensuring that your light-weight vehicle is safely towed and taken to the garage.

Medium Duty Towing

For vehicles which weigh over 10,000lbs, this is the method of towing that is mostly preferred. It is a towing method that provides a comprehensive and a versatile solution when it comes to towing medium-sized vehicles such as trucks and mini-trucks. The vehicle is lifted wholly from the ground and then suspended in the air using means which are very safe.

Motorcycle Transport

Motorcycles are considered by many US residents as luxury items. We are among the few companies in the country that provide towing companies for these luxurious items.

Long Distance Towing Service

The distance between us and where your vehicle is stuck does not matter to us. We will tow your vehicle even if it is thousands of miles away from us.

Need a Towing Service Portland?

With over 50 combined years of towing service experience. the 24-7 Towing Team is comprised of dedicated, trained towing professionals whose prime focus is to proudly serve the Portland and Vancouver metro area’s tow truck requests.

Fully licensed and insured

All our towing services are offered legally and we have no shady dealings. We operate legally and on top of that, we are fully insured.

Emergency services

Our services are offered every day of the week. It does not matter whether it is during the day, at night, during the holidays, weekdays or on weekends. Once we receive your call, we will quickly come to your rescue.

Highly responsive

Our technicians take the shortest time possible to come to your rescue. We have a reputation of taking quick actions, ensuring that you get back to the road as soon as you can.

We are fully equipped

Our towing vehicles are always kept in the best conditions. We have a large selection of towing vehicles at our disposal.

Affordable rates

Our charges are fixed at rates which are very pocket friendly and affordable. We always strive to operate within your planned budget.

Professionally trained technicians

We take pride in having the most qualified team of towing technicians. Our mechanics are always up-to-date with the latest in the towing industry. They are thoroughly trained and their qualifications must be certified before they join our team.

High levels of experience

We have been offering towing services for many years.  Chances are we’ve had experience with just about every towing scenario to quickly get you up and on your way.

Give us a call today at (503) 468-5090 and someone at 24-7 Towing Company will be to help addressed your needs.