Jump Start Car Service Tips

Jump Start Car Service
Jump Start Car Service Tips

In our many years of towing, about 20% of our calls entail a dead battery.  Fortunately when it comes preventative maintenance on your car, your car’s battery is one of the easiest to service and maintain. By following the maintenance tips listed below and recognizing when you have to replace your battery, you can save yourself time and the costs associated with an emergency service call.

Avoiding Jump Start Car Service

Your car’s battery is a maintenance item that needs to be checked periodically to ensure that your vehicle is getting the proper amount of electricity for ignition and system functionality.  By following some common-sense preventative action below, you can prolong its life–and reduce the risk of a premature dead battery.

  • Drive Your Vehicle Consistently – Leaving your vehicle stationary for a developed period influences your battery’s charge. To keep up the required level of charge in your battery ensure you frequently drive your vehicle.
  • Have Your Motor Check Periodically – Poor motor condition can over-burden the battery and diminish its life.  Check the condition of your battery periodically.  We like to do it during our oil service interval.
  • Check the Charging Rate – Have the charging rate checked at each real administration. Both under and cheating will lessen auto battery life and void the guarantee.
  • Turn Off Internal Car Functions – Leaving a radio, DVD or HVAC on when the engine is powered down can take it’s tool on a battery and reduce it’s life.
  • Keep it Clean – Dirt and dampness can damage your battery case and may cause your battery to lose its charge. Ensure the case and terminals are checked and cleaned during every major service.
  • Battery Hold-Downs – Check that your battery is secure at all times, as vibrations can damage the battery plates. Inspect battery terminals regularly; loose connections can cause breakdowns.
  • Avoid Multiple Jump Starts – While jump starting a dead battery is okay if you need to move, multiple attempts to jump-start a dead battery should be avoided as it can damage the electronics in many of today’s vehicles.

Note to remember: Batteries have a limited lifespan – make sure your car battery is guaranteed for the life of the warranty

Signs You Need a New Battery

  • Engine is Slow to Crank – If the engine is sluggish during ignition, this is usually a good sign that the battery needs replacement.
  • System Warning Lights – Keep an eye out for any warning lights on the dash, even if they only come on for a brief period.  If a car’s system isn’t getting the proper power it first will send an indicator to the diagnostics, and early indicator of a weak battery.
  • Low Battery Fluid Level – If you’re mechanically inclined, you can monitor your car battery’s fluid level.  If the internal water falls below the conducting “lead plates” you may need to have your battery recharged and serviced.
  • Terminal Corrosion – If you battery is leaking fluids, you may notice corrosion on the batteries terminals.  Clean the terminals with some steel wool and recharge / service your battery.  If the issue continues, you may need a new one.
  • Old Age – Most modern batteries can last 3 years or more depending on the amount of driving.  If it gets much older than that, you may want to bite-the-bullet and replace your battery.

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