Why You Should Insist on a Flatbed Tow Truck

Flatbed Tow Truck 24/7 Towing Service
Why You Should Insist on a Flatbed Tow Truck

If you ever need to enlist the services of a Tow Truck Company, there’s certain things you should expect to receive in return for your hard-earned money.  One of the core expectations is a damage-free delivery to your destination.  In order to limit the opportunity for damage, you should insist on your provider using a Flatbed Tow Truck to transport your vehicle.  Otherwise known as a “rollback tow truck”, these modern towing vehicles may cost a bit more upfront than the old-school Hook-and-Chain trucks, but what you get in return is sound peace of mind.

Let’s find out more on how these tow truck operate and the many advantages to traditional towing techniques in today’s post…

How Flat bed Tow Trucks Operate

For most towing situations, including off-road and ditch recoveries as a result of inclement weather, the flat bed truck is our go-to solution for towing most small to mid-sized vehicles. It can handle both rear drive, front drive and all-wheel drive vehicles without causing any damage to their transmissions.

The flatbed slides its pivoted bed close to the vehicle and the vehicle is either drove onto the bed or pulled by a onboard winch. The bed is then hydraulically re-positioned to its initial state thus having the complete vehicle on top of the back of the tow truck. Since all the wheels are on top of the truck, there will be no damage to the towed vehicle and thus providing a safe service.

Importance of using a Flatbed Tow Truck

Compared to the regular Wheel-lift or “Hook and Chain” tow truck which cradles the axle of the vehicle, either the front side or the rear, depending on the drive wheels, a flatbed has numerous advantages:

  1. It saves the transmission system from damage that can be caused by rolling the drive wheels in case of an all-wheel drive vehicle.
  2. Since all the wheels are lifted, there will be no tire roll reducing tire wear of the towed vehicle.
  3. If the emergency brakes had been applied and there is no access to release the hand brake the flatbed reduces the distance traveled and thus minimal or no wear is experienced.
  4. The flatbed tow truck also protects the body from damage as it is raised from the ground. The wheel lift in the other hand leaves the bumper and some under the vehicle parts prone to dent from raised and sunk parts on the road.
  5. Since it is integrated with the truck and in raised position, other road users will be able to see the vehicle and avoid any unnecessary crash into the car compared to the Wheel lift tow truck that drags the vehicle leaving it susceptible to crashes by non-suspecting road users.

NOTE:  Before towing your vehicle, be considerate of the mode of towing used and ensure your vehicle is in a neutral position so as to prevent any damage to the car. There are many ways that your truck can be towed and they all have a different price range so analyze which fits your requirements and that will offer your car a safe mobility to the required destination.

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