“Help I Need a Tow Truck Near Me!” What to Expect Next

Calling for a Tow Truck Near Me
“Help I Need a Tow Truck Near Me!” What to Expect Next

Unfortunately you can’t always predict when and where your car will break down.  To make matters worse a breakdown seems to occur at the least convenient times.  To reduce the inevitable stress it’s always a good idea to have a solid towing company on your speed dial in case the unexpected happens.  If you’re stuck roadside in the Portland / Vancouver area, consider adding The 24-7 Towing Team to your list of emergency numbers.

“What can I expect from 24-7 Towing if I need a tow truck near me?”

High-Quality Equipment

Anyone can buy an older tow truck and enter the towing business, but only trained 24-7 Towing Team to care about their work enough to invest in top-of-the-line equipment to transport their client’s cars. Look for an organization that has proven dedication to their business by purchasing high-quality, modern towing equipment suitable for all engine sizes and weights. The ability to handle any broken-down car, trailer or semitrailer shows the flexibility and reliability you’re looking for in 24-7 Towing Team company.

Years of Experience

When it comes to towing your car, you definitely want someone to arrive at the scene who has “been there, done that.” Your vehicle might be stuck in a precarious location. You might need immediate service due to an incoming or outgoing storm. You want to call a towing agency that understands your concerns and knows how to respond appropriately, due to years of experience in the field. After towing countless vehicles over their careers, 24-7 Towing Team drivers knows which truck and gear to select to transport your specific make and model car.

License and Insurance

It is illegal to operate a tow truck without proper certification, that’s why the 24-7 Towing Team is fully licensed and bonded to work in Oregon and Washington. If the tow truck is in an accident or hit by another driver while transporting your car, you need assurance the loss will be covered and you will not bear any financial or legal responsibility. Any unforeseen damage to your vehicle that occurred while in the 24-7 Towing Team possession will be covered by a comprehensive company insurance policy. You will also want to work with 24-7 Towing Team as they accept your insurance to lower your overall out-of-pocket costs.

Clear Communication

The last thing you want to handle when your car needs a tow is an inflated, unrealistic bill. This towing company will provide all necessary information up front, including an itemized bill that details the exact mileage and services provided. Clear communication from the towing company to the client fosters trust and mutual respect.

Need a Tow Truck Portland?

With over 50 combined years of towing service experience. the 24-7 Towing Team is comprised of dedicated, trained towing professionals whose prime focus is to proudly serve the Portland and Vancouver metro area’s tow truck requests.

We’re fully licensed, bonded and insured in both Oregon and Washington and – as the name implies – available on a 24/7 basis with our versatile selection of flatbed tow trucks and service equipment to address your unique Roadside Assistance needs.

Give us a call today at (503) 468-5090 and a knowledgeable representative on our 24-7 Towing Team will be happy to help.