4 Types Of Tow Trucks & Their Uses

4 Types Of Tow Trucks & Their Uses

When you own a vehicle there are certain things that are inevitable. One of these is your vehicle breaking down. The funny part here is that, it happens when you least expect. This is the time when you need some professional help – the services of a towing company. Towing companies specialize in bringing your stranded vehicles back to your home or an auto garage.

The towing vehicles used by these companies are not ordinary vehicles. There are different types of towing trucks designed for various purposes. For a driver, it is important to identify which one is suited for the situation. In this write up we will give you the main tow truck types and what are they used for.

  1. Flatbed Low Trucks

Flatbed low trucks are probably the most common type of vehicles used for towing worldwide. As evident by the name, these trucks have long empty bed at the back, which is attached to hydraulics – enabling the easy downward and upward movement.

It is extremely easy to mount the broken car on flatbeds. All you have to do is drive or pull it up the ramp. These trucks are ideal when it comes to towing accidental vehicles. They are also considered one of the safest.

  1. Integrated Low Truck

Integrated low trucks are much more heavy duty than the flatbeds. They are specialists in towing heavy vehicles like busses or rigs. Being able to carry and tow such heavy weights, you need extra stability and support in the towing trucks. This is provided by the stronger axles, which are embedded deep down in to the core of the truck.

  1. Hook & Chain Tow Trucks

These kinds of trucks are the oldest towing vehicles. They are not so commonly used now because they tend to apply extra pressure to the vehicle being towed. The wrapped chain can also do further damage to your vehicle. We advise our readers to go for a hook and chain truck only if you are transporting a wrecked or scrap car to a junkyard. These trucks are also unable to tow 4 x 4 vehicles as they have the tendency to damage the drivetrain. So, not completely out yet, but hook and chain tow trucks are mainly used to transport junk automobiles.

  1. Wheel Lift Tow Truck

Wheel lift tow truck is somewhat similar to the hook and chain truck but less damaging. The use of metal yoke in place of chains, make this truck friendlier to towed vehicles. The metal yoke and the hydraulic system are used to lift up the front of the car. Wheel lift truck is not as safe as flat bed but comparatively cheaper. So, uhm, may be a good option if you own an old vehicle.


There are other types of towing trucks as well. We have listed some major types, so feel free to add more in comments below. And…just before we sign off, always remember that it all boils down to the towing company. Choose it wisely!

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