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The road can be an unpredictable place, and despite our best efforts to avoid a breakdown, the unplanned breakdown or service need can happen at any time and any place. Needing roadside assistance on the open road is something we should do our best to avoid, but should the unexpected occur, it’s a good idea to have a plan on what to do and whom to call.

USA Pacific coast landscape, Oregon State

Top 7 Scenic Drives Near Portland OR

We love our state. One of the great things about the state of Oregon is that it offers man-made as well as amazing natural wonders. Form the Pacific shoreline to the Cascades Mountain Range, there are many natural features like [...]

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Tire Close Up

Why Proper Tire Pressure is So Important

Your tire holds a lot of weight.  Come to think of it, there the only things that are touching the road while you drive.  They take the bumps, the heat, the cold and protect you and your car from damage.  [...]

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Flat Tire Assistance

Helpful Tips to Avoid Flat Tire Assistance

Of all the parts on your car, only one actually touches the road: the tires.  It’s amazing to think that these formed rubber and steel wheel are the primary component keeping you and your family safe at high speeds from the [...]

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Jump Start Car Service

Jump Start Car Service Tips

In our many years of towing, about 20% of our calls entail a dead battery.  Fortunately when it comes preventative maintenance on your car, your car’s battery is one of the easiest to service and maintain. By following the maintenance tips [...]

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Keys Locked in Car

Keys Locked in Car? Give Our 24-7 Team A Call

When it comes to locking your keys in your car, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of trouble, especially when it’s your keys in the ignition with the lights on.  While the 24-7 Towing does offer lockout services, [...]

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24 hr towing

24 Hr Towing and Roadside Assistance

Looking for 24 hr towing assistance near me in the Portland or Vancouver area?  If so, look no further than The 24-7 Towing Team located in the heart of Portland, Oregon.  As a full service towing and roadside assistance provider [...]

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